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《On the move》PartⅢ PPT

《On the move》PartⅢ PPT

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《On the move》PartⅢ PPT


Running into a Better Life

This global site is a place for runners to share their stories about running.So,(1) if you are a runner with a story to tell,get in touch—we’d love to hear from you!

Li Yue,16,Beijing

I was born with asthma and I never thought I’d be a runner!I only joined my local athletics club (2) because my doctor told me (3)that in my particular case exercise could improve (4) how my lungs work.But (5) before I knew it,I was taking part in local races.(6) As my fitness and my running improved,I started running in national competitions.This year I won silver in the under 18’s 10,000 metres!And who knows,next year I could win gold! 


Not so long ago,I didn’t do any exercise—not even any jogging!Then I discovered an app (7) called Running Power.It lists your performance against other runners in your social network.At first,I kept running just to see my name in the top five.Soon,I found (8) that I was not alone—I came across other runners in the same area running for the same purpose!Now I no longer use the app,but I’ve fallen in love with running,and still do it with my running friends.

David,52,New York

As a computer engineer,there’s always a new challenge just around the corner!It can be quite stressful at times,though,(9)which in turn makes me feel anxious.(10)To help deal with this,I go running as often as I possibly can.Whether I’m at the gym or on the road,my nervous energy pushes me through mile one.By mile two,the tension has moved from my mind to my legs.(11) By the end of the run,all my stress has disappeared and I’m ready to face the next day at work!


This year I entered the Great Gorilla Run in London.This is a programme (12) run by The Gorilla Organization to raise money to save the world’s last remaining gorillas from dying out.Each runner receives a gorilla suit and off they go!It’s a bit hot and sweaty inside the suit,and my legs ache,but it’s a lot of fun.The funniest moment was (13)when someone watching the race offered me a banana—a real treat for a running gorilla!I had a great day out in London,as well as helping to save gorillas!







(7)过去分词作后置定语,修饰an app。




(11)by the end of“到……末尾”常与完成时连用。



①get in touch取得联系

②hear from收到来信

③be born with天生具有

④local athletics club当地的田径俱乐部


⑥lung n.肺

⑦take part in参加

⑧in national competitions在国家比赛中

⑨win gold赢得金牌

⑩not so long ago不久前

... ... ...

On the move PPT,第二部分内容:课文整体阅读

Step Ⅰ Factual reading

Read the text carefully and choose the best answer.

1.Li Yue   A.Running made him get rid of the stress of work.

2.Sarah    B.She fell in love with running after using Running Power.

3.David   C.To save gorillas she wore a gorilla suit running to collect money.

4.Grace   D.By doing exercise he recovered from a kind of disease. 

Step Ⅱ Cloze test

Fill in the blanks according to the text.

Running into a Better Life

This global site is a place for runners 1.____________(share) their stories about running.The following statements are four people’s experience.

Li Yue was born 2.____________ asthma.Being a runner is out of his expectation.A doctor advised his that he should take exercise to improve him 3.____________.From then on,he took all kinds of racing events and got medals.At the same time his body got better and better.

At first,Sarah didn’t do any exercise.One day she discovered 4.____________ app called Running Power.At the beginning she just wanted to get the top five.5.____________ (fortunate),she didn’t use the app any longer but gradually fell in love with running.

David is a computer engineer.Every day he is too tired from challenging work,which makes him feel anxious.To deal with his 6.____________ (stress) feelings,he goes running as often as he can.By 7.____________ (run) his stress disappears step by step and he is ready to face the next day at work!

Grace 8.____________ (take) part in the Great Gorilla Run in London,which is a programme run by The Gorilla Organization.The organization aims to raise money to save gorillas 9.____________ dying out.She received a gorilla suit,inside 10.____________ it’s a bit hot and sweaty and her legs ache,but it’s a lot of fun.Not only did she have a great day in London,but also she helped to save gorillas.

... ... ...

On the move PPT,第三部分内容:核心要点突破

1.adjustable adj.可调整的;可调节的

·...while its waterproof band is fully adjustable so that it is comfortable to wear.(教材P29)……而防水带完全可调,佩戴舒适。


①It took him quite a while to adjust to ____________(live) alone after his parents passed away.

②We have made an ____________(adjust) to our price and will give you a special discount of 3 percent.

③She soon adjusted ____________(her) to the new surroundings.

adjust vi.& vt.调整;(使)适应

adjustment n.调整;适应

(1)adjust to doing sth适应做某事


adjust oneself to...使某人自己适应……

(2)make an adjustment/adjustments作出调整

2.balance n.平衡;天平 vt.平衡;权衡

·Using only a rope,you can develop your footwork and balance.(教材P30)



①To keep fit,first of all,you’d better keep a ____________ (balance) diet.

②The courts must balance our liberty ____________ the security of the nation.

③Life is like riding a bicycle.To ___________________,you must keep moving.


balanced adj.平稳的,安定的,和谐的

(1)keep/lose one’s balance保持/失去平衡

(2)balance A against B权衡A与B

3.involve v.包含,需要;涉及

·It involves doing very slow physical exercises to relax your mind and calm your body.(教材P31)它包括做非常慢的体育锻炼来放松你的大脑和平静你的身体。


①It ____________(involve) creation,performance,and promotion.

②Jennifer DeBruyn was not involved ____________ the study.

③At last she found a job as a high school teacher which involves ____________(spend) quite a lot of time with students.

④Some American people protested against the US’s ____________(involve) in other countries.

⑤This is how I got involved ____________ my charity work to improve the quality of life for all disabled people.

【名师提醒】 involved adj.作前置定语时,意为“复杂的”;作后置定语时,意为“涉及的”。如: an involved sentence一个复杂的句子;the people involved所涉及的人。 

involvement n.参与;加入;沉迷

(1)involve doing sth=include doing sth包括做某事

(2)be/get involved in卷入;专注于


be involved with涉及;与……有关

1.get in touch取得联系

·So,if you are a runner with a story to tell,get in touch—we’d love to hear from you!(教材P32)所以,如果你是一个有故事要讲的跑步者,请联系我们——我们很乐意收到你的来信!


①I will try to get in touch ____________ the poor boy.

②In addition,you should learn how to get ____________ with others in school.

③We should make great efforts to get ____________ all the difficulties.

④After preparing for the work fully,we got down to ____________ (do) it at once.

get along well/nicely with与……相处融洽

get along进展;相处

get across讲清楚,被领会

get away from离开,脱身

get down to doing sth着手做某事

get over克服

keep in touch with与……保持联系

2.hear from收到……的来信(教材P32)


①I’ve never ________________ anyone doing a thing like that.

②If he hasn’t ________________ his daughter for half a month,he will be anxious for her.

③ I am serious; ____________ me ____________,please.

hear from收到……的来信

hear of/about听说

hear sb out听某人说完 

3.die out消失,绝迹,灭绝

·This is a programme run by The Gorilla Organization to raise money to save the world’s last remaining gorillas from dying out.(教材P33)这是大猩猩组织发起的一个项目,旨在筹集资金拯救世界上仅存的濒临灭绝的大猩猩。


①Many traditional customs have ________________ because they are out of date.

②The wind ________________ at dusk.

③Many trees are ________________ for lack of water.

④The noise has ________________.

die away(尤指声音、光、风等)逐渐消失,停止

die down减弱;平息

die of死于(疾病等内部原因)

die from死于(某种外部原因)

die off相继死去

To help deal with this,I go running as often as I possibly can.(教材P33)


【分析】 as...as...“尽可能多地;和……一样……”。




(2)as much+不可数名词+as

(3)as many+可数名词复数+as

【名师提醒】 “as+adj.+a/an+n.+as”结构,意为“和……一样……”,其中的名词必须是可数名词的单数形式,此结构用于否定句中可用“not so/as...as...”结构。

She is as good a teacher as her mother.她和她妈妈一样是位好老师。 

①He is _____________________ his brother.


②You’ve made ____________________  I have.


③We’ll give you ___________________ we can.


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